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Mortgages for the self- employed

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Mortgages for the self-employed

Not too long ago it was relatively easy for a self-employed person to get a mortgage with what was know as self-certification or more commonly self-cert mortgages.

However, these products have dwindled and are now no longer available, even to independent mortgage brokers.

But don't despair! We are still arranging mortgages for the self-employed. The only difference these days is that you need to prove your income.

Of course, there are many differences between mortgage lenders in their criteria regarding applicants who work for themselves. And this is where a mortgage broker comes in!

Normally, a lender will want you to have been self-employed for two to three years but it is also possible to obtain a mortgage through a mortgage broker with only one years' proof of income available.

If you use an accountant, the lender will ask to see either the recent accounts or may ask your accountant to simply fill in a certificate stating your last two to three years' income. If you self-assess you will need to provide evidence (from HMRC) regarding the income disclosed for tax purposes. This is a very straight forward procedure.

Please remember that most lenders will also class you as self-employed if you are a company director with more than a 20% share - even if you are employed by them. In this case, you will still be assessed as a self employed applicant, even if you would class yourself as being employed! Contact us for further information.

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