Fixed Rate Mortgages

A 'fixed rate mortgage' is one where the rate is fixed over a period of time during which it is guarantedd not to change. The period can be anythying from 1 year to 10 years. The most popular and cheapest tend to be 2 year fixes.

Also the best fiixed rate mortgage deal is not necessarily the one with the lowest rate. You have to be wary of what lies within the 'small print' in order to get the cheapest uk mortgage deals in real terms

For example the lowest mortgage rates also tend to have the highest arrangement fees.

Another pitfall to avoid is the early repayment charge overhang. This is a period of time after your initial benefit or fixed rate had finished in which you are still charged a penalty for repaying your mortgage.

In other words you could find your self at the end of a two of three year fixed mortgage deal only to be tied in for another year at the lenders standard variable rate.

It's also important to remember that our advisors have access to exclusive fixed rate mortgages not available to the general public on the 'high street'.

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