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Borrowing money secured on your property is an alternative method of raising funds to a remortgage.

How does it work?

The secured loan lender places a legal charge on your property. They sit behind your mortgage lender in terms of legal preference should a sale of your property ever be needed to redeem the loans. In other words, your mortgage lender has the first charge on the property and the secured loan lender has the second charge.

The terms are often more preferable than an unsecured loan. With this set up, the lenders will often allow individuals to borrow more than is allowed under a personal loan if there is enough equity in the property and the loan is affordable.

Secured loans by law are only allowed to charge one or two months' interest if the loan is paid off early. This makes them a lot more of a flexible option that previously.

You can apply for a secured loan through us as brokers for most reasons, including home improvements, a deposit on another property, or to consolidate/pay off other debt, etc.

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We are 24/7 independent, Whole Of Market Mortgage Brokers


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